Ovi's design work

  • Stabilizer Solutions website redesign
  • Bod-e iPhone app
  • Indie Aisle web app
  • Fortress General Contracting website
  • Alex Meraz website
  • AZPack website redesign
  • Brian Brushwood video
  • Sogo website
  • MediServe website redesign
  • App/interface
  • User Experience
  • Mobile responsive
  • Interface engineering
  • CMS integration
  • Email design
  • Motion graphics

Interface Design

The interface of an app should be tailored around the problem the app is trying to solve. The design of the app should essentially fade into the background, letting the user focus on their task.

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Web Design

The goal of a website is to communicate a message. To do this, it has to be functional and present content in a clear way. This includes being inviting for visitors to interact with and responsive to all devices.

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Blocks Edit

An email content management tool designed around a team's workflow. Inline editing makes updating content in email templates simple and the output is compatible with any email service provider.

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