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Blocks Edit now free for solo use

Free single-user plan, $99/month for teams, with no user limit, plus 30 day trial. [...]

Design Systems for Email

Bringing modular design practices to email. [...]

An email design system for your thoughts

Using a design system helps you better analyze your emails, streamline production, and iterate on strategy for your campaigns. [...]

The benefits of distributed teams for marketing creatives

A centralized or decentralized marketing structure? How about both! [...]

Thoughts on working remotely

10 tips on working from home: being productive and staying sane. [...]

Clarity in messaging

How to stay on brand, hone your content craft, and make your writing memorable. [...]

The evolution of digital content editing

Word processors, content management systems, and visual editors. [...]

Designing content

On giving a message its form. [...]

The starter email template skeleton layout

A modular email template that acts as a prototype for your own email template. [...]

Why asset portability matters

Managing email assets independently, so you have control over them beyond the tools and platforms you use. [...]

The differences in email editors

The types of visual email editors: simplified with template options, complex builders, and using your own custom template. [...]

Personalization with privacy, in email marketing and beyond

Personalization and privacy seem to be in conflict with each other. Here's how to fix that. [...]

Responsive emails: modularize to mobilize

At least half of email opens now happen on mobile. So there’s no longer an excuse to not enhance your emails for mobile! [...]

The use of brand in email

Branding and design aesthetics can sound like a fuzzy proposition, but understanding their underlying principles can lead to strategic results. [...]

Email is back: on the state of coding email marketing templates

Slide deck and notes from my talk on email marketing for web developers. [...]

Email's untapped potential for agencies and freelancers

There is a resurgence in email marketing and an increased demand for marketers, copywriters, designers, and developers. [...]

Efficiency and quality are both possible with some design thinking

Design thinking is essentially both creative and analytical thinking working together holistically. [...]

Email marketing's possibilities are a mindset we choose

An email client is our canvas, HTML and CSS are our paints and the tools we use for our content act as our paintbrush. [...]

Now you're thinking with blocks (how to look at things modularly)

I'm going to guide you through using the power of thinking about email templates modularly, or in 'blocks'. [...]

The ideal way to edit content in your email template

It ultimately allows you to put together content in a way that feels more natural and come out with the best quality email each time. [...]

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