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Introducing Blocks Edit, content management for email

Blocks Edit is now live and ready for you to improve how you send out marketing campaigns. [...]

RIP Flash

Recently, Adobe officially announced it is discontinuing support for its Flash browser plugin by 2020. [...]

The Transform app

A client Projects that I’ve been working on for a year and four months now has finally launched this week. Transform with Chris and Heidi, an iPhone and Android app. [...]

Being an Apple fan

I'm an Apple user because I want technology to fade into the background of what I'm doing. [...]

Music discovery

A couple of months ago I found three burned CDs in a box somewhere labeled ‘Mix 2005’. I apparently made them over ten years ago at a time when I listened to music on a portable CD player that played MP3s. There are about 400 songs on the CDs. [...]

The FBI vs Apple and our civil liberties

You may have heard about the FBI demanding that Apple crack into the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino, California shooters. Apple has refused because they feel that it is a huge security risk to their customers. They have explained their stance on their website. [...]

Designing interfaces and writing comics

For the interactive design work I’m doing recently, I’m in the process of designing ‘screens’ for a mobile app which is what you would see on the screen of your phone depending on what you’re doing in the app. [...]


During the early days of MP3s, WinAmp was the best Windows MP3 player around. It had a simple interface that you could even change the look of by downloading 'skins'. I even made a couple of skins myself back then. [...]

A look at my past publishing things on the web

Growing up, I've always enjoyed making things. As a kid, my favorite toys were Legos. I would draw all the time and wanted to be a animator when I grew up. It's no surprise then that I immediately got into computers as a kid, especially when it came to using a computer to make things. [...]

Facebook algorithms and the problem with majority rule

...recently, Facebook started automating the filtering of posts which is really annoying because no one really knows exactly how the filters work. [...]

My own Yahoo logo animated GIF

Yahoo has recently started animating the logo on their site. It reminds me of their early days on the web. I was such a fan back then that I made my own animation of their logo. The animated GIF above has a timestamp of 12/26/1996, I was 12 years old at the time. [...]

What a bad interface can do

I lost all my Google Docs files unknowingly with a few simple steps. [...]

The new Microsoft CEO: me

My qualifications as the new Microsoft Chief Executive are as good as any. [...]

Learning by copying

Taking apart someone else's work as practice. [...]

Programming made for humans

Writing less code and using an interface to program on the web. [...]

Marketing a web app

The only way to really know if someone is using your product, this making it successful, is if they are happily paying for it! [...]

Why ebooks took so long

ebooks are becoming more common today, quickly turning into a new standard for reading books. It's pretty interesting how long the idea of an ebook has actually been around, since even before the mainstream Internet. So why has it taken so long for people to really start reading digitally? [...]

No more hardware tinkering

Growing up with computers, any fellow computer nerd that I knew would be proud to upgrade their PC's hardware on their own, getting the latest graphics card for new generation PC video games. [...]

The Content Management System that wasn't

...what started out to be a simple tool quickly turned into something rather complex and may have been too ambitious in the end. [...]

My switch from Android to iPhone

A few months I made a list of what I wanted in a new phone as my two-year contract with my Droid was almost up. [...]

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