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Developing a web app

My side project, Indie Aisle has been online for a few months now and as I did with designing the web app, I'd like to share my thoughts about the development process. [...]

The Chrome notebook and really working on the web

It's been over a month since I got the Chrome notebook and I wanted to share my thoughts on it so far. [...]

Wrong default web cursor

This past year, I've tried an experiment on the site. I've replaced the 'text select' cursor that shows when mousing over text on a website with the default arrow cursor. [...]

Designing an online app

Indie Aisle is a project I've been working on and off for a couple of years now. This past year however, I really got going with it, spending most of my available time outside of client work. [...]

Tech trends shaping habits and social interaction

Two kinds of technologies have in recent months changed my daily habits and how I interact with people: web-based apps and smartphones. [...]

On Web Standards and rounded corners

While general web practices make sense, the need for having formal standards seems unnecessary. Website-building technologies have in a lot of ways standardized themselves because of individual developers deciding what is appropriate to use. [...]

Farewell Windows Mobile, hello Android

It's no surprise, that like a lot of people, I've been becoming more and more of a Google fan this past year... [...]

Evolution of storytelling and technology

Since the beginning of humanity, storytelling and our ability to learn is what has set us apart from other species. [...]

New Xbox Experience (NXE) interface

What started out as a few downloadable games and videos has exploded into an extensive marketplace of game content, films (including access to Netflix titles) and television programs. [...]

Sam and Max, video game or interactive tv show?

Sam and Max is the first successful episode-based video game series. [...]

What you should know about the GTD method

I found that as I was getting my thoughts out of my head and into my system, I was able to accomplish things in a logical way that lead to better focus of my upcoming goals. [...]

Subscription-based media

I ended up subscribing to Netflix during the writing of this post. [...]

Why Microsoft loses customers

The way Microsoft is really losing customers though is by disappointing them. [...]

Are you pod/audio/video-casting?

The New Media online community understands that podcasting is really a new way to enjoy original content. And like blogging has changed the way we receive news, 'content-casting' will be the way of the future for receiving audio and video content. [...]

Xbox 360 interface

The new Xbox is not only a gaming system, but a full entertainment experience. And with all that's been thrown into it, the interface certainly required making the features easy to find and simple to use. [...]

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