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Tech trends shaping habits and social interaction

Two kinds of technologies have in recent months changed my daily habits and how I interact with people: web-based apps and smartphones.

On Web Standards and rounded corners

While general web practices make sense, the need for having formal standards seems unnecessary. Website-building technologies have in a lot of ways standardized themselves because of individual developers deciding what is appropriate to use.

Farewell Windows Mobile, hello Android

It's no surprise, that like a lot of people, I've been becoming more and more of a Google fan this past year...

Evolution of storytelling and technology

Since the beginning of humanity, storytelling and our ability to learn is what has set us apart from other species.

New Xbox Experience (NXE) interface

What started out as a few downloadable games and videos has exploded into an extensive marketplace of game content, movies and television programs.

Sam and Max, video game or interactive tv show?

Sam and Max is the first successful episode-based video game series.

What you should know about the GTD method

I found that as I was getting my thoughts out of my head and into my system, I was able to accomplish things in a logical way that lead to better focus of my upcoming goals.

Subscription-based media

I ended up subscribing to Netflix during the writing of this post.

Why Microsoft loses customers

The way Microsoft is really losing customers though is by disappointing them.

Are you pod/audio/video-casting?

The New Media online community understands that podcasting is really a new way to enjoy original content. And like blogging has changed the way we receive news, 'content-casting' will be the way of the future for receiving audio and video content.

Xbox 360 interface

The new Xbox is not only a gaming system, but a full entertainment experience. And with all that's been thrown into it, the interface certainly required making the features easy to find and simple to use.

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