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Designing interfaces and writing comics →

WinAmp →

A look at my past publishing things on the web →

Facebook algorithms and the problem with majority rule

...recently, Facebook started automating the filtering of posts which is really annoying because no one really knows exactly how the filters work.

My own Yahoo logo animated GIF →

What a bad interface can do

I lost all my Google Docs files unknowingly with a few simple steps.

The new Microsoft CEO: me

My qualifications as the new Microsoft chief are as good as anyone.

Learning by copying

Taking apart someone else's work as practice.

Programming made for humans

Writing less code and using an interface to program on the web.

What makes a good ebook →

Marketing a web app

The only way to really know if someone is using your product, this making it successful, is if they are happily paying for it!

Why ebooks took so long →

No more hardware tinkering →

The Content Management System that wasn't

...what started out to be a simple tool quickly turned into something rather complex and may have been too ambitious in the end.

My switch from Android to iPhone

A few months I made a list of what I wanted in a new phone as my two-year contract with my Droid was almost up.

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