Farewell Windows Mobile, hello Android

It's no surprise, that like a lot of people, I've been becoming more and more of a Google fan this past year...

My two-year contract expired in May, which means I’m looking for a new phone. I’ve decided on a Google Android-based phone from my current Motorola Q with Windows Mobile. I wasn’t thrilled about Android’s version one release and now version two is coming out which is a lot better software-wise, I’m just not sure about the onscreen keyboard. All onscreen typing involves extra mental effort and is generally quite error-prone. It’s the reason why I don’t want an iPhone either (that and the crappy AT&T service). But there are even more Androids expected by the end of the year so I figure I’ll be making my decision within these next few months.

I’m generally OK with the features on my current phone, it has the basics of what I need: Calendar, Notes and Contacts which are all syncable to my PC. The deciding factor for switching is having access to the internet (the Q technically has it but it works so badly that it’s not even worth using). There’s a lot of potential for doing more with mobile Internet access and software like Android that uses it well. And as a web designer it feels like I’m missing out on something by not having it.

It’s no surprise, that like a lot of people, I’ve been becoming more and more of a Google fan this past year… switching all my email to Gmail, using Picasa for photos and using Chrome as my primary browser. And along the same lines, Android’s open platform for apps seems to have the right idea. It’s a format that worked for both Windows and Apple since they came out for desktop computers and it’s the direction phones have been steadily heading in anyway. Pretty soon we may even be able to interchange phone carriers. So this could be the last two-year contract I’ll need to commit to!

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