A follow button for your site

Allow your visitors to get your updates by showing them the ways you’re available, all presented on a Follow page.

We’re all familiar with the Follow button used on social media platforms. They act as a way for people to get updates from you on their timeline. We should use the same concept on our sites, with a page dedicated to the options you have for your visitors to get your updates, like your RSS feed, email list, or the social media platforms that you're on.

Follow page

Having a Follow page allows laying out the ways someone can choose to get your updates in one central place instead of all over your site, like a link to your RSS feed on your blog pages, or your social media links in your footer.

It also declutters those other areas. No more social media icons taking up space in your footer, or trying to find a spot to squeeze in a form to fill out for your email newsletter sign up. A Follow page gives you the space to include all the details needed for each option. Including describing what your visitors can expect from each of the options you have available.

All the options

It’s also an opportunity to go all out with the things that people can follow you for. Do you have multiple RSS feeds that you break down for your posts? Do you manage a playlist of music you recommend that can be followed? Books that you’re reading? You can include them all without worrying about not having space to fit everything in.

Here’s my Follow page. And you can see the Follow button that links to it at the top of this article's page.

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