Links page of what you follow

Beyond a blogroll, for all the updates you follow on the web.

Along with how social media platforms have a Follow option for being able to get your updates, there’s also a Following page that shows who you’re following. This is similar to how websites with blogs have blogrolls, a list of links to other blogs.

I decided to call my blogroll my Following page. Partially because it’s a familiar model, and also because I include more than just links to blogs on it.

What to include

On my Following page, I have:

  • Blogs, with direct links to their RSS feeds
  • Newsletters, with links to where subscribe to them
  • Podcasts, and links to their feeds
  • People I follow/recommend on social media
  • YouTube channels that I subscribe to

Similar to how you can have multiple things that people can follow you for, you decide on all the websites, content types, and platforms you want to recommend.

Going further

You can add an OPML export for your list of links. While technically the format works for displaying an outline of any kind of items, it's primarily used for people to import in their RSS reader to subscribe to all of the feeds you're following all at once. There’s even a way to customize its preview styling using XSLT, the same way you can customize your RSS feed.

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