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A client Projects that I’ve been working on for a year and four months now has finally launched this week. Transform with Chris and Heidi, an iPhone and Android app.

A client project that I’ve been working on for a year and four months now has finally launched this week. Transform with Chris and Heidi, an iPhone and Android app. There were some bumps in the road along the way and some unexpected delays, but it was also quite an undertaking in terms of the features the app has. All things considered, it turned out really great and it’s exciting to see it finally launch!

The idea behind the app is to give users options for how they want to achieve their health goals which include losing weight and staying in shape. Along the way, they would be guided and motivated by Chris and Heidi Powell. Chris and Heidi essentially put all of their personal training experience in app form to give people the same kind of experience they’ve seen them provide so many others through their TV show, Extreme Weight Loss, along with other shows they’ve been on and via their online presence.

From a design standpoint, the way we set about doing this, starts with an on-boarding experience that lets the user choose from three different programs. The idea is to make the experience consistent across the three programs however since the user should be able to switch between them at any time.

One key feature of the app is a nutrition algorithm that’s based on the user’s metrics they entered in during the on-boarding which adjusts for the kinds of meals they should be eating. So when they choose a meal from the recipes library to add to their planner, they only get the ones that fit within their nutrition cycle. They can also further filter the meals based on their dietary preferences. There is also a shopping list that’s generated based on the meals added to their planner. And a Fast Food restaurant guide for times when preparing a meal is not an option.

The workouts section shows the workouts to do for the week based on the user’s chosen program. It shows them how to properly do each movement and there are timers with audio cues to help them do each workout accurately.

The Me section shows the user’s progress and all of their activity. This is also where Chris and Heidi’s Life  Lesson videos come in that teaches and motivates the user on the right mindset to have during their physical transformation. It’s the feature that really gives the app the unique Chris and Heidi quality that has made them so well known in the health and fitness world.

And if that all wasn’t enough, there is a Community section for users to post their activity, find others on a similar journey as them and allow them to encourage each other towards their goals.

It’s been great working with Chris and Heidi and the team to make this app happen. It’s awesome to see how passionate they are about their ideas and dedicated to making this app a great user experience that will touch many lives.

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