Bod-e iPhone app

Mobile app used in conjunction with the Bod-e weight-loss program and line of products. Features an interactive schedule, daily video tips, recipes database, progress stats, notifications, and dynamic groceries list.

  • Interface design matching branding
  • Design and development of mobile interfaces
  • Design and front-end development of online version
  • Project management of development tasks
  • Email campaign design
  • Design considerations for Android version
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For the award-winning Bod-e app design, a new innovative weight-loss product and program was developed with the mobile app as one of the central components. The company teamed up with a personal trainer, best-selling author and weight-loss reality show host to develop a line of products based around his own weight-loss program. I was brought in to work with the web manager to design an iPhone app along with a web app version and marketing website. I put together a team of developers to setup the server infrastructure and to provide the programming for both the iPhone software and the web version. I would design the the interface and work with the team to implement the functionality.

The design involved making the weight-loss plan interactive with notifications and visuals of the user's progress using the program. The plan involved elements of gamification as we guided the user through the kinds of meals they should be having at certain times of the day and through out their week during the 12-week program. We also provided recipes from the personal trainer's book that they could pick from to include as part of their daily meals. Once signed up, the user would receive notifications on their phone and as emails. We managed to finish the first version of the app in time for the new year for customers to kick off their new years resolutions.

As we maintained the app for another year, we brought on an additional designer to assist with a branding redesign and a new marketing website. The updates to version two included: new daily tip videos from the personal trainer, a timeline screen for showing user's progress in the program with the ability to regularly take and save photos, sharing capabilities for sharing their progress with others and an autogenerated grocery list based on their chosen recipes. We also added social features and additional gamification elements to encourage users to participate in a 12-week challenge where they could create or join teams to support each other in achieving their weight-loss goals. To keep track of how the app was used, we setup an admin panel for company team members which also allowed them to post new recipes and troubleshoot customer support requests.

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